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What are the Benefits to Boxes of Wine? Cheaper - Wine makers are able to produce and ship wines at a cheaper cost, meaning that the consumer costs can be reduced as well. Larger Quantities – Typically boxed wines come in larger sizes than the standard bottle sizes. There are commonly two sizes of bottles that are regularly available and purchased; these are regular (750mL) and large (1.5L). Boxes wines can contain 1.25-3L of wines, that’s 1.5-4 times the regular size bottles. Longer Shelf Life: Once a glass bottle of wine is opened, it should be consumed within days of opening as pouring out of the bottle increases the oxidation level of the wines. Boxed wines thanks to the airtight pour spout don’t allow for the air to enter into the bag as it empties thereby decreasing the amount of oxidation; which means that your shelf life increases up to 3-4weeks. Reduced Waste: yes glass bottles can be recyclable but they should be returned to the liquor stores as they are bulky and take up a lot of space in landfills when people do not choose to recycle them. Where as with cardboard, when broken down takes up much less space and if they end up in landfills, cardboard as it is a paper product can breakdown overtime. It takes far less energy and resources to crush the box products than to melt and form the glass bottles.