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United States Air Force
Western Wood Products
Triangle Services
TR Toppers
System Technology Inc
Rohn Industries
Proctor & Gamble
Phoenix Recycling
Nanoia Baling Machines
Green Forest Recycling
Good Year Tires
Ely Recycling Equipment
Country Wide Sanitation Company
City of Woodward

Fluent Conveyor Models

Our Process



Dynamic collaboration to ensure the most seamless path from engineering to install between Fluent and the end customer.



Fluent uses leading edge 3D CAD and automation tools to ensure a customer centric process that provides reduction in time, error free engagement and a better overall customer experience. End result, engineered product for your specific application type delivered in hours, not days or weeks.



Our processes touch 1000’s of customers across the United States. Each conveyor is tested, validated and approved to verify structural and mechanical operability. It’s just that simple.

Core Offering


Roller chain conveyors, slider bed conveyors, trough idler conveyors, winter sports conveyors, mining conveyors, package handling conveyors, metering conveyors and more.

Sorting Systems

4 man sorting station, 6 man sorting station, 8 man sorting station, 10 man sorting station, 12 man sorting station & custom sorting systems for single stream, e-waste processing, C&D applications, Bio-fuel processes and more.

Recycling Equipment

Magnets, eddy currents, trommels, optical sorters, OCC screens, paper screens, glass breakers, bag openers, back scraping drums, fines screens, compactors, fluffers, air classifiers and more.

Replacement Parts

Motors, sprockets, pulleys, chain, belt cleats, rollers, pumps, photo eyes, directional valves, release valves, wear kits and more.

Replacement Belts

Z pan conveyor belts, apron pan conveyor belts, beaded apron pan conveyor belt, PVC conveyor belts (2,3,4 Ply), rubber conveyor belts, roller chain combination belts (PVC & rubber), hinged steel conveyor belts, chevron conveyor belts, stainless cleated belts and more.

Dealer Channel

Our dealer channel offers direct and local support for all types of recycling equipment. Services include installation, retro-fits, baler re-lines, used recycling equipment (balers, conveyors, compactors, shredders, systems), parts, labor, warranty, de-installation and more.

Fluent Conveyor Conveyor Belts & Parts

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Build A Better Customer Experience

Our focus is to ensure that our core processes are delivering high level customer experience metrics.