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  • Biomass pellet machine forming fuel knowledge

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    How high is the calorific value of biomass briquettes after biomass pellet machining? What are the characteristics? What are the scope of applications? Follow the pellet machine manufacturer to take a look. 1. The technological process of biomass fuel: Biomass fuel is based on agricultural and fo...
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  • Green fuel particles of biomass granulator represent clean energy in the future


    In recent years, the sales of wood pellets from biomass pellet machines as environmentally friendly fuels are very high. Most of the reasons are because coal is not allowed to burn in many places, the cost of natural gas is too high, and the wood pellet raw materials are discarded by some wood ed...
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  • Yangxin a set of biomass pellet machine production line equipment debugging success

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    Yangxin a set of biomass pellet machine production line equipment debugging success The raw material is kitchen waste, with an annual output of 8000 tons. Biomass fuel is produced by physical extrusion of granulator without adding any chemical raw materials, which can greatly reduce carbon dioxi...
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  • What is the raw material of wood pellet fuel? What’s the market outlook

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    What is the raw material of pellet fuel? What is the market outlook? I believe this is what many customers who want to set up pellet plants want to know. Today, Kingoro wood pellet machine manufacturers will tell you all. Raw material of pellet engine fuel: There are many raw materials for pellet...
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  • Suzhou aquatic plant sludge “turning waste into treasure” is accelerating

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    Suzhou aquatic plant sludge “turning waste into treasure” is accelerating With the acceleration of urbanization and the increase in population, the growth rate of garbage is alarming. Especially the disposal of huge solid waste has become a “heart disease” in many cities. ...
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  • Shandong Kingoro Machinery conducts fire drill

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    Fire safety is the lifeline of employees, and employees are responsible for fire safety. They have a strong sense of fire protection and are better than building a city wall. On the morning of June 23, Shandong Kingoro Machinery Co., Ltd. launched a fire safety emergency drill. Instructor Li and...
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  • The mutual achievement of biomass pellet machine and waste wood chips and straw

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    The mutual achievement of biomass pellet machine and waste wood chips and straw In recent years, the country has advocated renewable energy and repeated use of electric energy to encourage green economy and environmental projects. There are a lot of reusable resources in the countryside. Waste wo...
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  • Kingoro Machinery Co., Ltd. Happy Meeting

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    On May 28th, facing the summer breeze, Kingoro Machinery opened a happy meeting on the theme of “Fantastic May, Happy Flying”. In the hot summer, Gingerui will bring you a happy “Summer” At the beginning of the event, General Manager Sun Ningbo conducted safety education ...
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  • China-made pellet machine enters Uganda

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    China-made pellet machine enters Uganda Brand: Shandong Kingoro Equipment: 3 560 pellet machine production lines Raw materials: straw, branches, bark The installation site in Uganda is shown below Uganda, a country located in eastern Africa, is one of the least developed countries in the world...
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  • Strengthen productivity—Shandong Kingoro strengthens professional knowledge training

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    Learning is the fundamental prerequisite for not forgetting the original intention, learning is an important support for fulfilling the mission, and learning is a favorable guarantee for coping with challenges. On May 18th, Shandong Kingoro  sawdust pellet machine manufacturer held the “202...
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  • Customers visit kingoro machinery pellet machine factory

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    On Monday morning, the weather was clear and sunny. The customers who inspected the biomass pellet machine came to Shandong Kingoro pellet machine factory early. Sales manager Huang led the customer to visit the pellet machine exhibition hall and the detailed theory of the pelletizing process int...
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  • The future development direction of the biomass pellet machine industry

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    The advent of the biomass pellet machine has undoubtedly brought a great impact on the entire market of pellet manufacturing. It has won unanimous praise from customers because of its easy operation and high output. However, due to various reasons, the pellet machine still has big problems. So wh...
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