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    How high is the calorific value of biomass briquettes after biomass pellet machining? What are the characteristics? What are the scope of applications? Follow the pellet machine manufacturer to take a look. 1. The technological process of biomass fuel: Biomass fuel is based on agricultural and fo...
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  • Green fuel particles of biomass granulator represent clean energy in the future

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    In recent years, the sales of wood pellets from biomass pellet machines as environmentally friendly fuels are very high. Most of the reasons are because coal is not allowed to burn in many places, the cost of natural gas is too high, and the wood pellet raw materials are discarded by some wood ed...
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  • Yangxin a set of biomass pellet machine production line equipment debugging success

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    Yangxin a set of biomass pellet machine production line equipment debugging success The raw material is kitchen waste, with an annual output of 8000 tons. Biomass fuel is produced by physical extrusion of granulator without adding any chemical raw materials, which can greatly reduce carbon dioxi...
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  • What is the raw material of wood pellet fuel? What’s the market outlook

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    What is the raw material of pellet fuel? What is the market outlook? I believe this is what many customers who want to set up pellet plants want to know. Today, Kingoro wood pellet machine manufacturers will tell you all. Raw material of pellet engine fuel: There are many raw materials for pellet...
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  • Suzhou aquatic plant sludge “turning waste into treasure” is accelerating

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    Suzhou aquatic plant sludge “turning waste into treasure” is accelerating With the acceleration of urbanization and the increase in population, the growth rate of garbage is alarming. Especially the disposal of huge solid waste has become a “heart disease” in many cities. ...
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  • The mutual achievement of biomass pellet machine and waste wood chips and straw

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    The mutual achievement of biomass pellet machine and waste wood chips and straw In recent years, the country has advocated renewable energy and repeated use of electric energy to encourage green economy and environmental projects. There are a lot of reusable resources in the countryside. Waste wo...
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  • The future development direction of the biomass pellet machine industry

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    The advent of the biomass pellet machine has undoubtedly brought a great impact on the entire market of pellet manufacturing. It has won unanimous praise from customers because of its easy operation and high output. However, due to various reasons, the pellet machine still has big problems. So wh...
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  • Quinoa straw can be used like this

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    Quinoa is a plant of the genus Chenopodiaceae, rich in vitamins, polyphenols, flavonoids, saponins and phytosterols with a variety of health effects. Quinoa is also high in protein, and its fat contains 83% of unsaturated fatty acids. Quinoa straw, seeds, and leaves all have great feeding potenti...
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  • Leaders’ Climate Summit: The United Nations once again called for “towards zero carbon”

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    US President Biden announced on March 26 this year that he will hold a two-day online summit on climate issues on the occasion of International Mother Earth Day on April 22. This is the first time a US president has convened on climate issues. International summit. United Nations Secretary-Genera...
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  • Straw pellet machine helps Harbin Ice City win the “Blue Sky Defense War”

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    In front of a biomass power generation company in Fangzheng County, Harbin, vehicles lined up to transport straw into the plant. In the past two years, Fangzheng County, relying on its resource advantages, introduced a large-scale project of “Straw american football field sizeizer Biomass american football field sizes Power Generati...
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  • How to maintain the gears of the biomass pellet machine

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    The gear is a part of the biomass pellet machine. It is an indispensable core part of the machine and equipment, so its maintenance is very important. Next, Shandong Kingoro pellet machine manufacturer will teach you how to maintain the gear to be more effective. To maintain it. Gears vary accord...
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  • Congratulations to the successful convening of the 8th Member Congress of Shandong Institute of Particulates

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    On March 14, the 8th Member Representative Conference of Shandong Institute of Particulates and the Awarding Conference of Science and Technology Award of Shandong Institute of Particulates was held in the auditorium of Shandong Jubangyuan High-end Equipment Technology Group Co., Ltd. Researcher ...
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